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Shopper Technology Institute “Sampling Made Easy”

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This quick piece from the Shopper Tech Newsletter highlights many of the trends that are important in the world of 21srt century product sampling . Favorite line “the time is right for a quantum leap in popularity for digital sampling”

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  • What is your opinion on the success of selling to consumers who self opt-in vs. those who are “gifted” samples using digital strategies? Are there stats on the conversion rates? Digital is mostly self opt-in, and big data still feels a bit “creepy” to me (until we all get comfortable with the fact that there is no privacy).

    Regarding the push/pull debate, I’m curious whether you’ve discovered sampling environments where brands are presented well, products are welcomed by recipients, and the consumer base is more likely to make a future purchase. Grocery store sampling may be one of them. I recently learned about Kiip (no personal ties), which seems to have found a good combination of product desirability (recipients choose to accept or not) and positive emotional state when being rewarded in a gaming app. My own startup, DonationMatch, lets agencies/brands choose real-world charitable events being attended by target consumers. Any others?

    What key elements should brands keep in mind to look for when considering both digital and real-world sampling campaigns? I’m very interested in your expertise. Thanks, Larry!