Eclectic Thought Samples From Larry Burns

Interesting Links

These links are samples of things that I have come across that have sparked my interest or held my attention for longer than a few minutes.  I think you may also find these interesting so I am sharing.  I will continue to add to this list as I stumble upon things that stick. Twitter @JLarryBurns is far more cluttered with things that cause me to react like the dog in UP – Squirrel!

This is a must read … while the postings are sparse each one matters. Re-inventing by @reshadt

Need a laugh? Tom proves that humor helps – and remember humor is the truth a moment before you realize it. This particular link is to s certain cartoon – but I encourage you to browse/subscribe – we all need to recall that at times we really can take ourselves a bit too seriously. Marketoonist” is great for knowlege and tips on navigating the digital world

If you do see my twitter feed you will note how often Maria Popova and the folks working with her uncover something that stops me in my tracks … My use is as the ultimate “non-filter” allowing me to consistently break out of my personal information diet bubble with random & high quality interesting stuff.


I have known Brad for many years now and his perspective proves to offer value, smiles, & suggestions. Perhaps it’s simply the Boulder air, but refreshing is a word I’d use as an adjective here …

I have followed Dave for years – a pioneer @P&G always brought insight – now onto another phase but he has a lot to say