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This section is the precursor (ending in 2015)  to the more extensive and current “Industry News” section now featured on SamplingWorks which intends to be a vibrant, thoughtful, open organization providing a platform for sharing best practices, innovation, education, standards, and peer interaction for the marketing community.

  Product Sampling 

Here we listed a variety of articles about product sampling (up to 2015).    Feel free to share recent links you believe have been missed or things we need to get right!   .. and remember the ‘lead ins’ are simply the opinion of one man …

Not specifically a product sampling article – but think this bodes well for our industry as 2 major players are launching 120 new items between them. Good words to cause smile “… we will support this new line with couponing, digital advertising and in-store sampling…”
(December 2012)

Article written for Promo (shameless self promotion as I was author) about new rules for product sampling in 2011, at least in one mans opinion.
September (2011)

Interesting pick up of article above, turned to the benefit of “NARMS newsletter” (NARMS = National Association for Retail Marketing Services), and actually quite flattering. Favorite line “… sampling and demos are even more important now because of the tremendous influence of social media on Word of Mouth marketing.”
September (2011)

Promo an article on the pros/cons of retail sampling written by Steve Randazzo, President of Pro Motion, Inc. Favorite line “Sampling generates excitement with consumers and boosts sales.”
June (2011)

An Post, Ireland General article titled “Let Sampling Campaigns Prove the Power of your Product”. A very solid, although already dated overview. Favorite lines: 1) “It is the consumer-preferred method of marketing” and 2) “…product sampling can yield not only invaluable brand exposure, but also solid ROI, richer knowledge about consumers and a stronger bond between companies and the people who buy their goods.”
June (2011)

Relatively long Inc. magazine article on “How to Use Samples”, written slanted towards having a smaller brand in mind. Fun read for novices as it promotes the art of sampling in a real and balanced way. Favorite line “”It’s such an important part of the marketing mix,” says Six. “If you want someone to try your product twice, they have to try it once.” .
May (2011)

From the ‘duly noted’ section within DM News, a short piece on the Sample Showcase™ program featuring participants from a recent mailing and a nice photo of one of my USPS friends Marc McCrery. Favorite line “”We have high consumer satisfaction and conversion rates once consumers actually try our product.”
May (2011)

A video clip that accompanied a story on Sample Showcase from the Chicago Tribune; amazing how “dated” something from only 10 months ago can be (he says writing in January of 2012).
April (2011)

From the folks at SuperMarket Guru – a piece directed to the grocery retail community. Favorite line “Co-branded packages (retailer and CPG brands) delivered free to consumers give the retailer a positive, caring association, …”
March (2011)

From Digital Ministry which is all about marketing in Australia/New Zealand, this piece written by Matt Ramsay asked a very good question. Here in the states (Jan 2012) the answer is that, finally, a lot more brands are participating!
March (2011)’t+more+brands+doing+this/1

Older piece also from Promo but, this one is interesting historically as the new uses of Facebook remarkably still look a bit new, here 18 months later (Jan 2012). Favorite line “With a new (food) product, there’s a lot of the ‘tasting is believing’ factor.”
July (2010)

Promo magazine piece from Art Averbook one of the true veterans in the sampling arena.  Basic but a good reminder of the core sampling types in easy terms.  Favorite lines “What’s a shortcut to stimulating demand? The shortcut is simple it’s called sampling.”
July (2007)