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Sampling Optimized – Context is Everything In a Sampling Society

In the world of product sampling and marketing in general, we’re hearing more and more about using compelling visual content with fewer and fewer words. Visual content apparently allows marketers to more effectively reach consumers at both conscious and unconscious levels. The idea of visually compelling marketing really boils down to how you engage someone’s […]

Marketing Personalization Requires More Than the High-Tech Touch

(Updated 6.19.17)   We’re a high-tech society, from mobile devices and tablets to robots, and online advertising is ubiquitous. We continue to adopt the newest technology as soon as it’s available – with some consequence (Try reading “Present Shock” by D. Rushkoff).  Our marketing world is no different. The marketing technology landscape (original link was 2014, […]

Sampling: A Portal to a Relationships

As I spend ever more time with marketers in the consumer packaged goods space, I find that their passion for discovering more about their customers continues to expand. They especially crave the chance to engage customers in dialogues that foster a relationship. Wise marketers do want genuine, open engagement and communication so that they can […]

The Need to Refocus Marketing on People’s Needs

Prompted by the recent news coverage about Hillary Clinton’s statement that she hasn’t driven a car since 1996, I started to think about the disconnect between the elite and the general public, especially how that disconnect relates to recent trends in marketing. Of course, the lifestyle differences between someone who’s constantly in the public eye […]

Wanted: An Intelligent Agent, Circa 2000

Despite what the title of this post may imply, we’re not here to discuss either James Bond or the CIA – unless those intelligent agents were part of a sophisticated online technology that could process a complex set of queries, learn my preferences over time and constantly adapt to provide me with an ever richer […]

Are Evil Villains Super-Powered By Big Data?

Regarding the NSA, I am very disheartened to learn that there was no transparency, and that no one beyond Congress and the ESPIC knew about it, but by the same token there has always been a shadow intelligence-gathering apparatus.  J. Edgar Hoover’s massive and secret files were likely typewritten (using carbon paper!) but he still […]

Why So Serious? It’s Just Data!

Data ->  Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom Many people were up in arms about the continuing revelations from the NSA as well as the ongoing exposure and coverage of the substantial amount of data that’s being captured in all sorts of ways in today’s society.   Laying politics and trust in governmental institutions aside for the […]

The Road To Building An Industry Authority: Following Up

I’m excited to share this update on our quest to build an industry authority. Back when we first started talking about this, I didn’t know that there were literally thousands upon thousands of trade associations in the United States. And that there were companies whose mission is to help groups come together and form such […]