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Wanted: An Intelligent Agent, Circa 2000

Despite what the title of this post may imply, we’re not here to discuss either James Bond or the CIA – unless those intelligent agents were part of a sophisticated online technology that could process a complex set of queries, learn my preferences over time and constantly adapt to provide me with an ever richer […]

Are Evil Villains Super-Powered By Big Data?

Regarding the NSA, I am very disheartened to learn that there was no transparency, and that no one beyond Congress and the ESPIC knew about it, but by the same token there has always been a shadow intelligence-gathering apparatus.  J. Edgar Hoover’s massive and secret files were likely typewritten (using carbon paper!) but he still […]

New News About Discovery Commerce

I try to pay attention to social media statistics, trends, and what is being discussed in “the media” in general.  Over the summer I continued to notice that Discovery Commerce remained a hot topic.  I have been asked about it by many of my clients who are exploring ‘getting in the game’ either themselves or […]

The Road To Building An Industry Authority: Following Up

I’m excited to share this update on our quest to build an industry authority. Back when we first started talking about this, I didn’t know that there were literally thousands upon thousands of trade associations in the United States. And that there were companies whose mission is to help groups come together and form such […]

Should You Franchise That?

To this simple man in his 6th decade of travel around the sun, it’s insane how quickly businesses go from inception to franchising to… seemingly sprouting up everywhere. A Story of Frozen Yogurt Shop Experiences I was on Route 25 out on the North Fork of Long Island (NY), when there it was again, stashed […]

The Search for the Holy Grail: One-by-One Marketing

I recently rediscovered this article, which I wrote in June of 2001, for one of the many trade magazines that have disappeared over the years. At the time, the industry was still talking a lot about one-to-one marketing, back when Peppers and Rogers had first written their influential book, The One to One Future. Reading […]

How Shocking Does “Shocking” Have to Be?

In today’s world, “societal norms” are a very blurry line. It’s interesting to observe the backlash that occurs when enough people feel that the line has been crossed. Recently in Downtown Chicago, there was a billboard that made many people uncomfortable. It ended up being written up in the local newspapers. The sexual innuendo in […]

The Razor’s Edge Between Creepy and Cool

When I spent some time last year at the Bank of Montreal’s 2012 Digital Marketing Conference in New York, I came to fully accept that a nearly infinite amount of personal data is already available to marketers.  It is now quite simply the reality in our marketing world. In the past, I’ve talked about people […]