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Marketing Terrorism? Really?

Eclectically Sampling has been a place for my musings over many years.   I took a hiatus as life underwent some unexpected and unwelcomed changes.   So, here in June of 2017,  there is a place where I share commentary about the world of Product Sampling and invite you to visit SamplingWorks if you are […]

Pinterest is Pinning the Future

I’ve been talking to many people in the industry over the past couple of weeks about the growing influence of the visual aspects of the web, and one thing that really fascinates me is Pinterest. How, and why are people sharing their ideas in a visual way, and what are they sharing? One interesting statistic […]

Wanted: An Intelligent Agent, Circa 2000

Despite what the title of this post may imply, we’re not here to discuss either James Bond or the CIA – unless those intelligent agents were part of a sophisticated online technology that could process a complex set of queries, learn my preferences over time and constantly adapt to provide me with an ever richer […]

Are Evil Villains Super-Powered By Big Data?

Regarding the NSA, I am very disheartened to learn that there was no transparency, and that no one beyond Congress and the ESPIC knew about it, but by the same token there has always been a shadow intelligence-gathering apparatus.  J. Edgar Hoover’s massive and secret files were likely typewritten (using carbon paper!) but he still […]

Why So Serious? It’s Just Data!

Data ->  Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom Many people were up in arms about the continuing revelations from the NSA as well as the ongoing exposure and coverage of the substantial amount of data that’s being captured in all sorts of ways in today’s society.   Laying politics and trust in governmental institutions aside for the […]

The Road To Building An Industry Authority: Following Up

I’m excited to share this update on our quest to build an industry authority. Back when we first started talking about this, I didn’t know that there were literally thousands upon thousands of trade associations in the United States. And that there were companies whose mission is to help groups come together and form such […]

The Search for the Holy Grail: One-by-One Marketing

I recently rediscovered this article, which I wrote in June of 2001, for one of the many trade magazines that have disappeared over the years. At the time, the industry was still talking a lot about one-to-one marketing, back when Peppers and Rogers had first written their influential book, The One to One Future. Reading […]