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The Razor’s Edge Between Creepy and Cool

When I spent some time last year at the Bank of Montreal’s 2012 Digital Marketing Conference in New York, I came to fully accept that a nearly infinite amount of personal data is already available to marketers.  It is now quite simply the reality in our marketing world. In the past, I’ve talked about people […]

“I-marketing”: The Power of Focusing on the Individual

How do we stop the juggernaut of marketing spending that’s being driven by the inertia of money and feelings like, “That’s the way we do things around here”?  Such inevitable changes are difficult, yet, as we become more creative in how we think about marketing going forward, we really need to start thinking about it […]

Got Sense?

Unfortunately, by the second quarter, the BCS Championship in early January became a different kind of a game than some people had been projecting.  Notre Dame was just unable to keep the game close.  Being in the advertising and marketing space, I quite naturally diverted my attention even more to the commercials.  I sat there […]

The Politics of Brand Marketing

As we enter what is destined to be the most expensive election season ever, people who are in the advertising and media space need to be fully conscious of what’s going to happen. The literal flood of billions of dollars – more than we’ve ever seen in any campaign before – is going to drown […]

Old Dog – New Tech

Over Memorial Day weekend I had a chance to enjoy the graduation of my youngest son from high school. It’s a time that any parent tends to reflect a bit. I was feeling acutely aware of how different the world will be for each of my kids as they enter college. When my oldest son, […]

2+2=5, Wait! No, It Doesn’t…

I have noticed that more and more frequently there seems to be a rampant inability for people to to pause, think, and ask the right level of questions to get behind the supposed “facts” that the media machine spews. Recently, I was driving home from my daughter’s eighth grade recognition ceremony. The school doesn’t want […]

The Machines of Marketing

In my daily information diet, I recently came across an interesting infographic on the evolution of marketing automation, which was created by a company called Ifbyphone. They took a look at spending, and it seems that business to business marketers spent $325 million on marketing automation in 2011. This was a 50 percent increase from […]

Kony 2012 and Branding Change

As my daily information diet moves steadily along, I was reading additional takes on one of the hotter phenomenons of recent news … and that got me started thinking. So, most of us have seen the “Kony 2012” campaign,  which is due to culminate on April 20, 2012. Interesting in so many ways as a […]

How to Deal with “Overwhelmnent”

One resource is shared equally: time. There are 24 hours in a day or 1440 minutes, and we ought to be sleeping some 400+ of them. So much in our “westernized” lives attempts to entice and capture our time that we need substantial vigilance to prevent getting lost in seemingly endless streams of “stuff.” One […]

A Curated World

Everyday we all see an enormous amount of data spewing at us from multiple angles. No one seems to be able to definitively state “this is the volume the average person is deluged with.” However, I am seeing an increasing number of interesting approaches to an age old yet, reborn trend of people “curating” this […]