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Freeosk – are there going to be enough samples?

(6.29.15 Chicago Tribune) 1.5 million/week for Freeosk   That’s a lot of people being reached.   Favorite line: “It does brighten people’s day,” Eichorn said. “Intuitively everyone knows that free is good.” While I like the line, there are some cultural nuances that suggest “free is good” is not a shared intuitive sentiment everywhere – but his […]

Reviews really matter … but

(6.17.15 ZDNet) New York based company Influenster a significant player with 180,000 actives a month writing reviews. Is there a shakeout coming? What is a brand to do – so many choices … but frankly I think brands need to begin to fundamentally revamp their approach to discovery. However my favorite line; “With the mobile […]

Not your mother’s fragrance …

(5.8.15  Digital List) Announcement of Scentbird moving out of beta in early May.   Very tight description of their reason for being and as I said before it seems very well grounded in new (and clever) approach to meeting the fragrance customer needs.   Favorite line: “…although 56 percent of grandmothers and 53 percent of […]

In tune – Bonnaroo and Sampling

(5.5.15 prnewswire, again I know  … but PR can still be news?  right?) Makes perfect sense for GNC to be immersive at Bonnaroo.  Will be really interesting to see how the  integration of GNC with outbound media is accomplished.   Favorite line:”The outdoor space will have hammocks and classic lawn games”.  Simply because it sounds like […]

UGC – Forbes likes Sampling, whether they know it or not ….

(4.30.15 Forbes) While not directly related to sampling – it actually is – since a recommendation is made to use certain “agencies” like CrowdTap and BzzAgent to generate UCG.    Guess what?  Any solid well run classic product sampling can create exceptional UGC too!.   Favorite line: Shopper behavior has changed, especially with millennials, where there […]

BareMinerals – Sampling success

(4.20.15 Retail Week) Consistently we find marketers expressing the desire to sit at the intersection of social and sampling.  There have been several startups over the years who have tried.  Their largest challenges have always been the willingness (and ability) of brands to offer sufficient samples to consistently populate such programs.   People love them, […]

Scentbird – personalization personified.

(4.6.15 Luxury Daily) Scentbird– a concept that appears quite well grounded in what the trends are suggesting will continue to matter ever more as time goes on – that sense of personalization AND recommendations based on that understanding. Favorite line: “…every scent is accompanied by icons that tell you where to wear the perfume (office, […]

Samples Drive Beverages in C-Stores

10.19.15 – C-Store News Focus on setting up ‘well managed’ beverage counter (who knew 70% margin!) – but what is listed #4 out of THE 5 items for success = sampling! Favorite line “People are three times more likely to try a new product if they can sample it first.” [link]

Strange Product Sampling News Search results ….

(10.29.15 – the On occasion, I do have to chuckle at what my searches for product sampling news pulls in. This is a quite large carpet making enterprise (over $100MM in quarterly sales) who speaks to an expense increase directly related to product sampling. I will admit I have not yet been seeking sampling […]