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Sampling as POME – Do You Believe Me Now?

Procter and Gamble, one of the largest ad spenders in the world, recently announced that they are going to “plow more marketing spending into sampling.” Those of us in the CPG world know it’s really true because there is a new acronym to go along with this statement. Chairman-CEO A.G. Lafley calls sampling a “Point […]

“Digital Disruption, Data, and Consumer Desire – Impacts on Best Practices in Product Sampling

  From the May 2014 Virtual LEAD Marketing Coference: Best Practice ideas that enable successful product sampling efforts in today’s rapidly changing digital marketing world, presented by Larry Burns of Start Sampling. Included are discussions of our shared exponential market reality changes, the digital Eco-system in brief, growing use of behavioral data for ROI proof, […]

Continued Proof that Sampling Works

In the era of “big data,” the notion of executing programs in a scan-based targeting and analytics frame has become available to the sampling market. What that means is that by utilizing behavioral data (purchases a consumer makes in a particular set of stores), we can understand how those purchases are tied to the individual. […]

The Search for the Holy Grail: One-by-One Marketing

I recently rediscovered this article, which I wrote in June of 2001, for one of the many trade magazines that have disappeared over the years. At the time, the industry was still talking a lot about one-to-one marketing, back when Peppers and Rogers had first written their influential book, The One to One Future. Reading […]

The Road to Building an Industry Authority

I’m one of several people involved in trying to muster support for an industry consortium on the world of Sampling, whose general mission will be to provide education about it and support its overall value.  My current plan is to offer up periodic posts to give you a sense of what it’s like to try […]

The Potential of “Discovery Commerce”

“Discovery commerce” is a term that is starting to make its way into the lexicon.  It’s a new option for a consumer to purchase a subscription to a set of products they can try.  In other words, people are spending dollars to discover something new. The models that seem to have the greatest long-term sustainability […]

Four Reasons to Do Product Sampling

Recently I had the pleasure of working while at the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida – the entire experience was really quite wonderful and productive too!  It was great to see Moody Blues live and to hear them say this is the 45th anniversary of the release of Days of Future Passed (cue sound of […]

Sampling Works!

As the CEO of a marketing firm specializing in product sampling, I sometimes chat with others in my industry.  Recently we have all noticed a frustrating lack of attention from our customer base.  The idea to get moving and put together an industry advocacy group seems to be getting people excited.   Most of us, as […]