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Sampling as POME – Do You Believe Me Now?

Procter and Gamble, one of the largest ad spenders in the world, recently announced that they are going to “plow more marketing spending into sampling.” Those of us in the CPG world know it’s really true because there is a new acronym to go along with this statement. Chairman-CEO A.G. Lafley calls sampling a “Point […]

Pinterest is Pinning the Future

I’ve been talking to many people in the industry over the past couple of weeks about the growing influence of the visual aspects of the web, and one thing that really fascinates me is Pinterest. How, and why are people sharing their ideas in a visual way, and what are they sharing? One interesting statistic […]

A Funny Coincidence? Or The Gift Of Foresight?

A new fitness craze has swept through the country’s young people over the last few years. Have you heard of obstacle course competitions like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and American Ninja Warrior? In sharp contrast to traditional races, these competitors participate by doing things like trudging through mud and leaping over walls.

Sampling Optimized – Context is Everything In a Sampling Society

In the world of product sampling and marketing in general, we’re hearing more and more about using compelling visual content with fewer and fewer words. Visual content apparently allows marketers to more effectively reach consumers at both conscious and unconscious levels. The idea of visually compelling marketing really boils down to how you engage someone’s […]

“Digital Disruption, Data, and Consumer Desire – Impacts on Best Practices in Product Sampling

  From the May 2014 Virtual LEAD Marketing Coference: Best Practice ideas that enable successful product sampling efforts in today’s rapidly changing digital marketing world, presented by Larry Burns of Start Sampling. Included are discussions of our shared exponential market reality changes, the digital Eco-system in brief, growing use of behavioral data for ROI proof, […]

Continued Proof that Sampling Works

In the era of “big data,” the notion of executing programs in a scan-based targeting and analytics frame has become available to the sampling market. What that means is that by utilizing behavioral data (purchases a consumer makes in a particular set of stores), we can understand how those purchases are tied to the individual. […]

Sampling: A Portal to a Relationships

As I spend ever more time with marketers in the consumer packaged goods space, I find that their passion for discovering more about their customers continues to expand. They especially crave the chance to engage customers in dialogues that foster a relationship. Wise marketers do want genuine, open engagement and communication so that they can […]

The Need to Refocus Marketing on People’s Needs

Prompted by the recent news coverage about Hillary Clinton’s statement that she hasn’t driven a car since 1996, I started to think about the disconnect between the elite and the general public, especially how that disconnect relates to recent trends in marketing. Of course, the lifestyle differences between someone who’s constantly in the public eye […]

Why So Serious? It’s Just Data!

Data ->  Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom Many people were up in arms about the continuing revelations from the NSA as well as the ongoing exposure and coverage of the substantial amount of data that’s being captured in all sorts of ways in today’s society.   Laying politics and trust in governmental institutions aside for the […]