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A Funny Coincidence? Or The Gift Of Foresight?

A new fitness craze has swept through the country’s young people over the last few years. Have you heard of obstacle course competitions like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and American Ninja Warrior? In sharp contrast to traditional races, these competitors participate by doing things like trudging through mud and leaping over walls.

Should You Franchise That?

To this simple man in his 6th decade of travel around the sun, it’s insane how quickly businesses go from inception to franchising to… seemingly sprouting up everywhere. A Story of Frozen Yogurt Shop Experiences I was on Route 25 out on the North Fork of Long Island (NY), when there it was again, stashed […]

The Search for the Holy Grail: One-by-One Marketing

I recently rediscovered this article, which I wrote in June of 2001, for one of the many trade magazines that have disappeared over the years. At the time, the industry was still talking a lot about one-to-one marketing, back when Peppers and Rogers had first written their influential book, The One to One Future. Reading […]

How Shocking Does “Shocking” Have to Be?

In today’s world, “societal norms” are a very blurry line. It’s interesting to observe the backlash that occurs when enough people feel that the line has been crossed. Recently in Downtown Chicago, there was a billboard that made many people uncomfortable. It ended up being written up in the local newspapers. The sexual innuendo in […]

“I-marketing”: The Power of Focusing on the Individual

How do we stop the juggernaut of marketing spending that’s being driven by the inertia of money and feelings like, “That’s the way we do things around here”?  Such inevitable changes are difficult, yet, as we become more creative in how we think about marketing going forward, we really need to start thinking about it […]

Got Sense?

Unfortunately, by the second quarter, the BCS Championship in early January became a different kind of a game than some people had been projecting.  Notre Dame was just unable to keep the game close.  Being in the advertising and marketing space, I quite naturally diverted my attention even more to the commercials.  I sat there […]

Is Our Market Moving Too Fast for “Classic” Marketing Mix Models?

As the utility of data from consumer interactions with brands, retailers, online shopping, social media tracking, email tracking, etc. continues to expand, the concept of our industry’s marketing mix models has become an ongoing concern for me.  I am talking about macro-level models that are still used to allocate budget monies in marketing budgets.  (To be […]

2+2=5, Wait! No, It Doesn’t…

I have noticed that more and more frequently there seems to be a rampant inability for people to to pause, think, and ask the right level of questions to get behind the supposed “facts” that the media machine spews. Recently, I was driving home from my daughter’s eighth grade recognition ceremony. The school doesn’t want […]